Valves & Turbine Services


Valve Servicing

Overhaul, Repair and Upgrade all types of valves and actuators. Facilities to pressure test valves in Liquid and Gas using best in the industry Ventil Test Bench. As well as the standard API & EN hydrostatic and pneumatic valve leak testing, we can offer the most advanced testing to meet the severest of applications and customer specifications. We also provide on-site pressure testing, functional testing of automated valves and retest and calibration of pressure relief valves.

Industrial Valve Repair – In Shop

Our in-shop repair capabilities include the repair of virtually all types and sizes of gate, globe, check & ball valves. Large machine tools, 5-ton overhead cranes and the large capacity valve testing machines in the valve service industry, enable us to easily repair and re-test large and high pressure valves. A vertically integrated shop environment allows us to routinely perform operations that other valve service companies have to out-source. In-house capabilities mean the job is performed quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Industrial Valve Repair – Off Site – Field Service

SunPower employs experienced field service technicians that can diagnose and repair valve and actuator-related problems in gate, globe, check and ball valves. Critical service and pressure-seal valves are a specialty of our field service department. If new parts cannot be procured through our OEM alliances, our shop can reproduce the parts and provide them to the field in an expedited manner.


We specialize in overhauling & Testing of Electric, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Actuators for Gas Turbine Applications.

  • Gas Fuel Control Valve
  • Gas Stop/Ratio Valve
  • Combined Stop/Ratio Valve & Gas Fuel Control Valve
  • Inlet Guided Vane
  • Purge Valves
  • Fuel Splitter Valve
  • Fuel transfer Valve
  • False start drain Valve
  • False start drain Valve

Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzle

For over 15 years, SunPower has been servicing fuel nozzles for utilities based in the Middle East allowing them to have maximum up time.

SunPower is equipped with state-of-the-art test bench to Repair/Overhaul/Calibrate of Industrial Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzles. The nozzles are brought back to as new condition and hold a warranty on the workmanship.

We provide detailed analysis of the fuel nozzle on receipt after performing in-depth checks and tests. Furthermore, when delivering the nozzles back, they not only come with the flow test data but also with a recommended positioning chart to ensure minimum temperature spread in the engine.

We Repair/Overhaul/Calibrate the following Industrial Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzles.

  • Siemens (TB5K, TB3K, TD4K, V64.3, SGT Series)
  • Rolls-Royce (AVON, RB211)
  • Hitachi (H-15, H-25)
  • Mitsubishi (M501, M701)
  • Alstom (GT13ED, GT13D, GT13DM)
  • Westinghouse (All type)
  • Fiat (All TG series)
  • Solar Turbines: Centaur 40, 50; Taurus 60, 70; Mars 90, 100; Mercury 50; Taurus 65; Titan 130, 250
  • GE Aero-derivative: LM1500, LM1600, LM2500, LM5000, LM6000

Moog Servo-Valves Services

Moog's Full Service Program includes a range of services depending on the unique needs of a customer. Typical services offered in one all-inclusive contract include:

  • All servo valves and servo-proportional valves can be repaired by Moog experts.
  • Spare servo valves while yours are out of action mean reduced cost of inventory.
  • Fast track priority for any repairs.
  • Consolidated reporting for easy analysis of long term trends.
  • Expert advice on how to increase machine efficiency and productivity through advanced servo-control.
  • Access to the latest technology and product upgrades as a preferred customer.
  • Field service and diagnostics.
  • Access to electronic and print resources. ALL INCLUSIVE PROGRAM

As the servo valve experts, Moog can also analyze the performance of non-Moog valves and suggest the best solution based on our motion control knowledge as well as machine performance data learned through reporting. This combined with world-class repair services, access to technical advice, and first notice of upgrades available, helps you to save costs, reduce downtime and plan your budgets. Mechanical Feedback (MFB) Servo Valve Technology for High Accuracy and Long Life This product family includes closed loop electro-hydraulic control servo valves that incorporate a mechanical spool position feedback which provides for flow or pressure outputs that are proportional to the electrical input. Accurate control of flow or pressure that delivers high flow or pressure gains as well as quick reversal of flow make this technology the industry standard for position or force control on many machines.

Electrical Feedback (EFB) Proportional Valves with Integrated Electronics and Flexible Options This product family includes closed loop electro-hydraulic control servo and proportional valves with integrated electronics onboard (OBE) and electrical feedback using a spool position transducer. Offer very high accuracy and repeatability in controlling flow and pressure. Wide selection of models with Direct Drive and pilot-operated technologies and many sizes, fail-safe options, and certifications (e.g. ATEX, IECEx).